Self Assessment Task

Actions & Reflections

What I lacked to do for the Media Showcase, I did for TNS.

I did not expect to be inviting guests, but I did, and that was a good thing. It was something that came rather unexpectedly, from a conversation I was having with Simon Morris, one of my interviewees for my networking report.

Surprises do come when you least expect them!

I did what I could for TNS, things like writing the press release, trying to talk to people to see where we could put posters, getting contacts in Melb Uni, helping (or at least trying to) help divide the team to cover various buildings to distribute it, going around distributing it, getting Simon Morris, crashing lectures, and so on.

In all honesty I actually wanted to ask Liz Coonan of Haystac to be a guest speaker but when I tried to talk to the Scheduling team, they weren’t very helpful but it was a good thing because she responded nearly two to three weeks late… ack. Oh well!

I haven’t done much for the Media Showcase, realistically, except to invite guests and to throw up ideas for publicity. Nothing much was done, really, save for that one day where Rachel rallied for the publicity team to get together to send out invites and so on so forth. I wasn’t able to make it that day though because I had a Fashion submission.

What I’ve Learnt…

I have learnt that it takes really strong teamwork and motivated people to organise an event. Perhaps having a smaller but stronger team would have been useful, because the publicity group was really too huge such that discussion wasn’t really that great. For example, I was out of the loop of the emails that Gen, Lehia, Phoebe etc sent out to the rest… That really ticked me off, because it happened more than once (although I didn’t record it down) but -shrugs- its inevitable.

The importance of networking could not be emphasised more… it really is about who you know. And who you know may just know someone who knows someone… its amazing what just knowing one person can do. I’ve heard of stories among the cohort of someone who knows someone who… haha, it goes on.

I think the emphasis on networking and on teamwork all point to one thing – how we relate to people, our relationships with people. Managing these relationships and working well with people is extremely important.

I’ve learnt heaps from TNS, but one thing I am most grateful for is how everything has opened my eyes to a new world… especially, I believe, the showcase. Seeing everyone’s projects and just seeing how different people work has been really cool.

Have learnt a lot from observation, but also by doing… it requires courage to step up to invite someone to an event that you aren’t sure of is quite scary, but I’m glad I did it..

Relationships are vital, I’ve discovered, as an Accounts Executive, irregardless of what kinda company I will be an AE in. I guess this is why I’ve focused so much on relationships and people, because it is through the people and the relationships that you have with them that you really get the work and job done.

For example, my production project… that was founded on a relationship. So yes, I do suppose, this whole year has served to reiterate my belief that relationships are the foundation for good work.


In light of all this, I would give myself a Credit (65%), because I pulled my weight for TNS, but not for the showcase.


Last Day

Today’s the last day of uni. THE last day.

I can’t believe how quick it is that everything has happened.. amazing.

Am a tad worried, though, because I still have to do my career portfolio, and then there’s the showcase. Not much is being said about the publicity though… frown.

Wonder what’s going on?

I need to work on my fashion first, before anything else… that 100% thing is due in a few days, and I am in serious trouble.


After class a few of us went out for lunch… that was quite nice (: heh. good way to end what was a fruitful year!


We’ve started to talk about what we could do regarding publicity for the showcase… I think it would be great if we could put up posters at stores, or like, in the unis or something. It is rather typical, I know, but it would be nice.

There’s always snail mail and email… I think snail mail-ing the posters would be great. I tried to throw up a few ideas previously when discussing what we could do, but nobody seemed keen on it, so maybe I should just let it slide?

-wrinkles nose-

Did a bit for the previous event – went to lectures to tell people about the event, put up posters, blah blah whatever have you… probably won’t be doing as much for this event. Would still like to help though… publicity’s fun. (:

PP Snapshot 4

So we’ve come to the end of the semester, and nope, we’re not completed.

I feel like I haven’t done as well as I should have had as producer because we’re off schedule, but then again, that’s why I set such tight deadlines previously, to make leeway for lapses and for us falling behind schedule. Wrong thinking, perhaps? I don’t know, but well, its a lesson in itself I suppose.

In doing the writing for the website, I have come to realise how much I know about George and Lola, but yet do not know enough about them. It is such an irony! I could tell people that oh, Lola is a beautiful soul who has accomplished much, and still bothers to take care of herself by doing her hair and blah blah blah, and that George is such a generous person who extends such warmth and love to people all around and could tell stories of that but when it comes to the stories of their lives and what they have done the past few decades or so… that… well…

I discovered that George went to Cambridge the same time as Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew.. and that, to people in my nation, would be a big thing. I mean, who goes to Cambridge at the same time as the senior minister of my country?

The wealth of knowledge that George and Lola possess, the life lessons that they teach me… that’s something just so beautiful that I want to be able to share it with viewers of the website.

We get a lot of George and Lola in the documentary, how do I do something that’s extra?

After the “evaluation” on Tuesday, Dani actually suggested that we do vignettes.

I started to ponder it and then I realised that yes, she was right. We ought to do vignettes, to tell little stories that would give insights into the wonderful people that George and Lola are, instead of just writing paragraphs after paragraphs of what they have done and trying to show who they are.

Sometimes its not in what, but how… like the way they have extended such graciousness to me… that just speaks volumes.

I struggled to encapsulate that in words, but I realise now that in speaking of what they have done, people would see it. So yeah.

I fell sick once last month and that made going down difficult, because I didn’t want to pass anything to them, and now I’m sick and.. its made things difficult, but its made me appreciate going down even more.

The website template is more or less done up, its now to do the content. I’ve been working on it but I keep feeling like its not exactly what I want so I re-write… time to really get down to it and decide how I really want it to flow… the girls are leaving the text up to me because this is my section and this is where I’m supposedly best at… Oh Lord help me.

Perhaps I should be a bit of a perfectionist, but not too much.

One thing I took away from my secondary role as 2AD in Ryan’s shoot is that although you plan things, you really have to be flexible, and that as you see things, you be creative and do things along the way.

I think now, that’s what I need to do with my writing as well. I thought I had it all worked out, but now its not working out… Perhaps there is another way to make my text work in the new style that I envision… its a matter of seeing how I can do so.

The doco is doing well, on Lyd and Jenny’s end. Jenny did a smashing job editing! We struggled with the flow, but managed to get it worked out. Lyd and Jenny really are brilliant.

We screened it infront of our friends and people mainly had positive thing to say, which was really encouraging. George and Lola themselves were pretty chuffed with it, if I may say so, so I think we did pretty good.

Props to Lyd for her direction, Jenny for edit and Lynn for envisioning the beautiful shots that we now see on screen.

And I guess, props to me for having discovered this beautiful place with two of the world’s best people in it.

Now its to do justice to them with my text… grrr. Sometimes it really feels like words are insufficient, but oh well…. we’ll see.

Time to re-evaluate my text for the webbie…


Today was the big day; Media Industries day. I was feeling sick, so I got up a bit late… groan. Not a very good way to kickstart the day, but I decided to go all out anyway.

Before going by to Trades Hall I stopped by Mrs Field’s to buy a huge box of cookies as a thank you gift to Simon Morris. Was a bit nervous because I am hoping to build a professional relationship with him, hopefully to get an internship in his company over summer.

I wasn’t too pleased when it started to drizzle… was quite afraid of a torrential downpour. Thankfully Simon managed to reach Trades Hall before it got too out of hand…

Introduced him to the lecturers, and spoke to him for quite a bit before he went up on stage. The session was shorter than the rest, think it was prob because it was the end of the day, and then later when I thanked him, he said it was a great opportunity and thanked me instead.

It really caught me off guard because I never saw it that way, but he’s cool. (:

Managed to get friends to come down, and had a friend who threw at Simon a few questions after the session officially ended, and so that was good too.

Am just glad it all worked out.

Made Fit thanks to TNS

So today was the day where we’re putting up posters all around.

I emailed the Melbourne Uni contacts that we managed to get, and they’ve helped to email student lists already. Yay.

Today Ash, Jenny and I walked to Melb Uni. Its round 2 for Ash and I because we did that the previous week… deja vu, hey.

But this time we walked because we wanted to see where along the way we could put posters. Managed to put one at Dinkums.. wanted to do Arrow on Swanston and College House but the people weren’t around to give us permission to do so. Dang.

Anyway we ended up trawling around the Melbourne Uni grounds for a good two and a half hours putting up posters EVERYWHERE.

God help us, it was INSANE. We literally plastered things all over the place, it was mad. And it didn’t help that the campus was so huge…

-shakes head- walked up, walked around, walked out. I think I’ve become fitter all thanks to putting up posters.

And haha, if we’re going along those lines, then I’m made fit too because I needed to stretch to put up some of the posters too. Hahaha.

Crashing lectures on Monday with Ash and Jenny. Ashley is cool (: glad I’m doing it with her.

I didn’t get Gen’s email, and was rather ticked off to know that I missed it… feels like I’m not in the loop! I honestly have no clue what’s going on sometimes even though I wanna pitch in.

Anyhoo, it was good that I spoke to Gen so I got a heads-up on what’s going on, and so I managed to tell her which days I would rather do lectures.

So everything’s worked out all fine, and the thing is next Friday.

Whoa, time passes fast. I hope we get a good turnout this Friday.

Kinda nervous about it because if the turnout is bad, it is going to reflect extremely terribly on me when it comes to talking to Simon. I am supremely nervous.

Better pray hard that the turnout will be good…

PP Snapshot 3

Well well… snapshot 3.

We’ve really focused on building relations with George and Lola… and I think its paying off. We’ve grown to a new level of relationship, one in which they trust us. At least I think so.

I think they were worried that we came in only because we wanted to film them, but our consistency in going down to look for them is paying off. We haven’t gone down literally every week, sometimes its just Lyd or whoever else, but we’ve been trying.

George’s birthday was a monumental occasion, and I think that really got us onto another level. We also did something for Lola, although belated because we knew not when her birthday was. Think they were touched by it, because its not just flattery, but we sincerly wanted to do something to appreciate them. (:

In terms of the production… OMG I am a bit scared, because we have NOT BEGUN EDITING. We are still in the midst of transcribing all the tapes… God be with us. I am panicking, but Jenny is confident of being able to do a rough cut by end next week or early into the hols. The transcribing will make it so much easier for her, so I think it should be okay.

And in terms of the website… Deti’s gonna help us do a logo as well, and she’s begun work on the design. We’ve given her links of websites that we like, and specifically told her which aspects and such so that she has a better idea of what we want.

I need to mail her all the text that I want the website to have, and gotta have a look at the tapes with Lynn to see what we want to put on the website.

Its gonna be interesting.

So far, its all been good… we’ve gone behind schedule and its worried me, but I have faith that we can make up for lost time.

In terms of the website, its all good, so its cool. Deti’s pretty good, so I’m sure we’ll be okay.

Now its just to make sure that we are going on the right track and keep on going….

… and in doing all that we do, to never lose sight of what we envisioned for the project….

… and in all our busy-ness and haste, to not forget to go down to Russells for a chat and pie. It can be hard, because George and Lola love to talk and spend time with us, but sometimes its just not easy especially when we are tight for time.

Yet I know that the essence of everything boils down to them and the relationship that we have with them, so that’s something I’ll have to deal with, I suppose.

I was seated there in the cafe earlier on talking to Lola, when she suddenly said something that really grabbed my attention.

“Its September already, do you realise? The year is about to come to an end!”

I looked at her in shock, realising that she was right. Time really has passed so fast, and the year is about to come to an end.

I started to reflect on my whole journey into Russells – how I stumbled upon it with Adrick last year, how I wandered into Russells for pie after Abbas told me about it in tute one day, how I started to go down to talk to them, to really build a relationship with them instead of just wanting to film them…

… from being a shophouse on the street, Russells has, really, got a piece of my heart and has changed my Melbourne experience.

I don’t know what else to say for snapshot 3 except that in all that we’ve done, I’m just really glad to have met George and Lola, and to be able to make a difference in their lives. Or at least I think so.

Y’know, I know that they have made a difference in mine, and its for the better. This project is something that I will always be grateful for.

Learn to appreciate people and things, take time to invest in them and build relationships and it’ll be beautiful. Go slowly and smell the roses, set aside time just to sit down, pause and reflect. Speak to older people, for the wisdom they give will aid you. And never judge, but always love.

(: I’m glad this project has taken two semesters to develop. its beautiful (or at least it better be). George wants to view the rough cuts, and I am nervous.

But yet, let me keep the faith. 3 months on and we’re doing pretty well.. we’ll keep on trucking on and believing for the best.

We’re piecing the documentary creatively… we shot without a flow in mind, and now we’re putting the pieces together. We came up with this during the dinner meeting, and it was good.

-smiles- we all worked together, and George keeps telling us that we must continue to stay together as a group. I couldn’t agree more. (:

I am looking forward to working on the website with Deti, and putting together videos with Lynn, and pictures with Lyd.

Can’t wait for George and Lola to see the webbie, I think they’ll love it. Or at least I hope they will.

Working on the website is definitely going to force me to put into practice creative writing.. my writing better be of standard esp because George and Lola are thespians who are particular about writing!


But more than that, contented.

Its been good so far. Could be better, but I’m glad that things are the way they are.